My Philosophy

To survive painful attachment experiences, you found solutions that may now seem confusing or frightening to you. Yet, they were the best options available to you at the time. You may have learned to protect yourself by distancing from others, denying or forgetting, or minimizing the reality of what was happening.

Healing is usually a story of courage and reclamation. You may reclaim your own voice and your own feelings, new attitudes and new behaviors. What may have felt desolate and impossible starts to feel hopeful as you notice signs of growth and potential.

I believe that through a strong therapeutic bond you can gain access to potent natural resources of healing that have been waiting to emerge inside a safe and facilitating environment. The visceral experience of emotions such as anger, joy, and sadness can be transformative as you feel their truth. As a result, your intimate relationships often become more authentic and alive.

The time will come
When, with elation,
You will greet yourself arriving
At your own door, in your own mirror,
And each will smile at the other’s welcome.
-Derek Walcott