What I Do

When the truth is finally recognized,
survivors can begin their recovery.

-Judith Herman


I am a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) specializing in the treatment of people who have been wounded in important relationships in their pasts. My clients are people who have made the courageous decision to face complicated emotions and, at times, confusing behaviors. I work with adults who are ready to explore the complexities of painful relationships and understand how this has shaped their personalities and affected their intimate relationships.


It is my intention to help you find clarity in your life story and strength in your suvivorhood. It is empowering to confront what has been denied or hidden and rise above what was once overwhelming. A sense of mastery develops when difficult emotions are encountered and withstood.


To that end, I believe the therapeutic relationship is a collaborative process. I do not misc canoespassively sit and listen to you. Rather, I get involved. I actively engage in exploring and resolving, with you, the problems you bring to therapy. In addition, my goal is to provide safety for you to do this important work and provide the respect and support you deserve.

Generally, I meet with clients on a weekly basis, but sometimes more often. Due to the nuances of problems and the individuality of each client, I cannot predict the length of your therapy or guarantee a particular outcome.


My usual fee is $150 per session. I am a provider for Personal Insurance Adminsistration (PIA), the student health insurance through UCSB. I do not accept other insurance. For other insurance companies, I will furnish you with the paperwork needed to submit to your insurance carrier for you to be reimbused for out of network providers.

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